Hey, look, a present!

No, not the present like mindfully be aware of the present moment without judgement. More like, sweet, dude, let’s get to unwrapping, shall we? If you can’t wait, here ya go: http://www.thredup.com/r/ZDHPU8, but allow me to explain.

It has been my experience that one of the (many) super challenging parts of living your way into the shape that your body finds when you heal your eating (which might be larger or smaller than the present shape you’re in) is the totes.

You know, those totes down in the basement, or in that closet or attic or where ever? The ones that are filled with clothes that are now too small or too large, but all might fit again someday maybe, and maybe let’s try them all on to measure the goodness of our souls or punish ourselves with mean failure thoughts.

Yes. Those totes.

Well, I’m here to suggest that you set yourself free. It’s just not worth it. Sure, yes, you spent money on all those clothes, but that investment has become a torture device, like a giant albatross wearing a dress you starved yourself into or a pair of pants you bought at a time when binge eating spiraled out of control and everything else was too small. Like the scale, it is far too easy, and far too common, to assign value to which size one wears, and then to use fitting into that size, or finding that the size doesn’t fit anymore, as a measure of your worth as a person.

So, what’s a body to do? Let ’em go. My personal favorite method of setting this fleet of pain free is ThredUp, which is a forward thinking business that turns thrift shopping into a website full of awesome. You can order a “Clean Out Bag” from them, fill it up, send it in for free, and they either sell your clothes and give you cash or credits on new stuff, or donate them to one of their charitable partners. Many cities also have a brick and mortar version of this concept e.g. Buffalo Exchange in the Boston area, or Urban Exchange in my Pioneer Valley backyard.

In my rather bossy, but fairly informed opinion, the only clothes you should currently own are clothes that fit you as you are now. And by fit, I mean you don’t think about them. Fit, like, I can sit and stand and bend and move and my clothes aren’t mean to me.

If you’re living in a body in transition, then use my gift to you (hint: it’s worth $10) and dress yourself well, but without a major investment. If your size changes, let the old ones go, and re-fill your drawers with enough essentials to feel comfortable in your skin in the world. And I don’t mean a body in the cruel, unhealthy up and down cycle of the diet-binge-diet-binge cycle. I mean a body that is slowly changing over time as a part of a wellness project. 

You deserve to feel ok. So let the mean, mean totes go.