Eating Disorder Recovery Skills Group Forming

Hi, folks – I’m putting together an eating disorder recovery skills group at my office in South Hadley, MA. The group will begin on Sunday October 5th, and will run on Sundays at 1pm until the first week of December. 
This group will be insurance-based (students with a referral will not have a copay if they have their college’s insurance); interested clients should contact me directly at so that I can arrange for an initial screening, which will be a brief phone call to assess acuity and appropriateness, but basically if you’re at an outpatient level of care you’re probably going to be fine to join. Current clients need not go through a screening – just let me know you’re into it and I’ll sign you up.
If your insurance does not have a group benefit, the self-pay rate for the group is $20 per group. Clients may NOT attend on a drop-in basis. Although obviously if someone calls out sick with 24 hours notice I’m not going to yell. The age cut off for joining is 18, with no upper age limit. The group will run as long as I have a 5 person minimum, and I’m going to cap it at 15. Thanks!
– Katharine