From Emma Watson’s nude threat to abusive YouTube comments

This re-blog is a bit outside the realm of my usual commentary, but I think it’s important, and highly relevant. The cultural context within which our bodies live has a huge potential to impact our relationships with ourselves, and the ways others perceive the embodied female form (or male, for that matter). The more the female body is objectified and/or disrespected in the public eye, the more likely those beliefs are to leach into women’s relationships with their own bodies, or other’s attitudes towards them.


“Stolen celebrity nudes are, by definition, not consensual. Someone who looks at them is complicit in the abuse — he is looking at something released explicitly against the will of the person depicted. That’s bad behavior. It’s also scary behavior. Because if someone doesn’t care about consent in that context, where else might he decide it doesn’t matter?”

via From Emma Watson’s nude threat to abusive YouTube comments: why women aren’t safe on the internet | The Verge.