About Me

I have deep faith in the power of the psychotherapy and coaching processes; this stems both from my own experiences of treatment and recovery, and from bearing witness to profound transformation in the people I’ve had the honor to serve.

I tend to focus on finding a balance between change and acceptance. Sometimes I use humor and sometimes I use Foucault. I encourage my clients to be active and engaged in the change process; I ask a lot of my clients, and expect them to ask a lot of me!

In terms of my training and social location, I am a licensed independent clinical social worker and have been practicing in Massachusetts since 2008. I received my BA at Mount Holyoke College and my MSW at the Smith College School for Social Work. My work experience includes providing clinical services in community mental health clinics and in various inpatient settings, and now in private practice. I am a queer, White, cisgender femme woman, a parent, and still learning.