After I did the hard work of eating disorder recovery in my own life, I realized that sharing the gift of becoming most fully oneself with others was my passion. As a person who (miracles!) is comfortable in my body and fulfilled by my life’s work (snarky, tattooed, sweet, silly badassery optional but totally available), I’d be honored to help you find your own way. In a coaching relationship, I support clients in moving past self-doubt and other limiting beliefs so that they can identify goals, deepen self-awareness and pursue fuller, richer lives.

Coaching includes text and email support between sessions and can take place in person (at your kitchen table, at the gym) or virtually. We can work together in hour-long sessions or in day-long intensives designed to get you to the awesome big-bang style; these services range in price per hour depending on the nature of the services best suited to your needs.