“Katharine was the first eating disorder therapist, (therapist at all for that matter) that I ever worked with. Before stepping into her office I had a lot of doubts about the value of working with an eating disorder professional. I thought I knew it all, when it came to EDs and that a therapist would talk down to me.

While it took a long time to open up, Katharine provided none other than devout attention, kindness, and a gentle, warm approach. Katharine remembered everything I said, and would surprise me with her thoroughness. She did not speak from a place of authority, but rather asked provoking questions, and showed she had a lot of respect for me as a client.

Katharine saw me from a holistic perspective and never lost faith that I could recover. Her positive, yet real and relatable spirit, inspired me throughout my recovery process.

I looked forward to every week when I knew I could talk with Katharine, and have a renewed sense of self, hope, and courage to take on the next week towards full recovery.

I am now in a place of recovery I never expected I could be in. While I’m still growing, I have tools I never thought I would have. Those are tools Katharine guided me towards. Allies like Katharine make it seem like the recovery process is possible, that people out there care and can help you reach a place of inner peace.”

– S.

“I started seeing Katharine at a very vulnerable and fragile time in my life. I was brand new in eating disorder recovery, just finished my first year of college, and hadn’t yet found an outpatient therapist that I felt deserved to hear my story. And then I found Katharine. Having Katharine as my therapist the past few years has allowed incredible growth that I may not have otherwise had. She was the first person I trusted to talk about my sexual trauma with and to help me work through it, and I have made more progress than I could’ve ever dreamed.

 Katharine challenges me when I need to be challenged, cracks a joke when I need to laugh, and comforts me when I need to be comforted. I have always felt important and worthy when talking with Katharine, which is something I have not always received in other areas in my life. I feel heard, cared about, and a sense of belonging in the world. With Katharine, I have a voice and the words I say matter to her. She never tells me what to do, but doesn’t make me do it all on my own, either- we’re a team. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Katharine’s support.”

– R.