In psychotherapy, I often support folks in exploring the ways in which structural oppression related to their intersecting identities is causing distress, both directly and in internalized forms: transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, classism, racism, ableism… unfortunately, the list goes on. I’m psychodynamically oriented, so we’ll also explore the ways in which formative past and present relationships and experiences are shaping and shifting your days, in ways both desired and not. Ultimately, we’ll work together to help you find a balance between acceptance and change strategies.

The majority of my psychotherapy clients are working through gender dysphoria and/or pursuing recovery from an eating disorder. As such, I’m available to coordinate care with other providers to support medical management, be that coordinating with a nutritionist, a surgeon or an endocrinologist. So, yes, I can write you a letter.

My office is in a first-floor, handicapped-accessible space, with free parking and gender-neutral bathrooms. For psychotherapy services in the office, initial intake appointments are $120 and appointments thereafter are $100. I do not accept health insurance at this time, but can provide you with the necessary documentation to submit a claim to your out-of-network benefit if that’s available.

The following link is to forms to be completed and submitted to prior to an initial session:

Client Service Agreement

Demographic Information

Release of Information